5 Reasons Why He Took Your Number But Didn’t Call

Why take my number if you aren’t going to call?

If you haven’t had this happen to you in real life, you’ve definitely seen it on TV or in the movies. I was an eye witness to this at a party I recently attended.

Here’s what I saw: good looking guy in animated conversation with attractive woman. Guy asks her for number. Writes it on the back of a card. Bids her farewell and says that he’ll call (with a big grin). Looks good, right? So I say to the woman, “do you think he’ll call?” She says, “I honestly have no idea. They love taking numbers but never calling.”

Strange. Why in the world would a guy ask a woman for her number and then never use it? It’s not like he was compelled in any way to request the number. He could have just as easily politely said bye and moved on without popping the question and no one would hold him to account (as long as he didn’t spend more than a few minutes with her before bolting). So why pop the question, get the digits, and then join the MIA guys of silence association?

Here are a few possibilities:

1. He lost it.

Hah! You do realize I was joking, right? If he remembers your name, he can figure out a way to contact you. Even a first name will probably be enough for a resourceful guy with the will to succeed. Trust me on this one. If he didn’t call it’s not because he lost your number and probably also not because he died, got amnesia or is being held in solitary on Guantanamo.

2. He was being nice.

Yes, it’s possible that his mom taught him to always be nice to girls, so he figured that even though he wasn’t really interested in dating you, since he wasted your time and got you interested in him, the least he could do to make you feel like a winner was to ask for your number. Didn’t that make you feel like a winner? (I bet his mom is shepping naches from her little boy now — if you don’t understand, ask your bubby)

3. He’s on a mission.

Some guys need to continuously stoke their egos and fortify their self esteem, usually because they’re class A jerks. What better way to get a quick boost than to get you to give them your number? It’s painless (for them) and does the trick.

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4. He met someone else.

This one I really believe is possible, although unlikely. When he took your number he might have had every good intention of calling you. But then he met a woman who just plain swept him off his feet. The woman of his dreams. Being a serious dater, he decided to focus 100% of his energies on her. You can’t really blame him for that, can you? So in other words, he really did want to call you, but unexpected events occurred which superseded his intentions. Aren’t you happy for him?

5. He just didn’t.

Here’s the real answer why he took your number but never called you. He just decided not to call you. At the moment that he asked you for your number he really did want to call you, but then he moved on and to quote a classic,”lost that loving feeling, now it’s gone.”

Please understand, if he was really super interested in you he would absolutely call you. In fact, there’s practically nothing that would stop an interested man from pursuing the object of his interest. But I guess when the sun rose and he went off to work or play or whatever, he realized that he wasn’t really interested enough to call. So he didn’t, and lived happily ever after. And you should do the same.

Final Word

Accept the fact that guys will ask you for your number and then never call you. Why won’t they call? Like I detailed in this post, it could be because he decided he wasn’t interested enough, or because he met someone else, or maybe something else. The bottom line is that it really doesn’t matter why he took your number but didn’t call. What matters is that he didn’t. And that can only mean one think for you. MOVE ON!!

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