A Letter From A Concerned (and frustrated) Mom

Dear Arnie,

I love your articles, especially the after Simchat Torah event one. For the second time in my life I attended one and learned so much from it. I went for my 21 year old daughter who just has no way of meeting anyone. She had about 4 marriage proposal offers from 50 year olds, 20 potential dates from people over 35 and an offer of 4 camels. She is the cutest kid and while I hung around her I noticed a few things.

The 50 year olds wanted my daughter the most. I was hanging around introducing people left and right. One guy kept telling me that the girl I was talking to was exactly what he was looking for. She was 28 and he was about 50! I would love to get all these guys in a room, make them brush their teeth (a good percentage don’t believe in oral hygiene) and tell them to stop focusing on girls 20 years younger than them. Well, I’ll let you tell ’em. Just thought I’d share that with you since it made me laugh. My daughter met a great group of people that will make her feel included and take her on hikes so this was a successful weekend for both of us.

Keep Up the Good Work,
Concerned Mom

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