America Rejects ‘Ready for Love’. A Breakthrough for True Love?

ready for love cancelledAfter it’s second week of dismal ratings, NBC has decided to cancel the new reality dating show Ready for Love. I already gave you my theory as to why America passed on the show: American singles aren’t interested in watching a fantasy version of dating that bears no resemblance to their highly challenging, often disappointing, real life dating experience. American singles are truly ready for true love in the real world, not the kind that unfolds in front of television characters with a handpicked cast of beautiful characters.

Hurray for the singles of America! I think this rejection of Ready for Love might indicate a breakthrough in the modern day search for love. Perhaps the rejection of the show is in fact a rejection of the fantasy dating and mating experience that perpetuates in the minds of many singles (I was guilty of this too) and keeps them in a perpetual search for their perfect fantasy partners?

If rejecting Ready for Love is a rejection of fantasy, then I think the dating scene might change forever. People will start giving potential partners another chance, or two or three before deciding that they aren’t right for them. People will date potential partners that are good matches even though they might not match their idealized picture of the perfect match. People will get engaged, and married!

I’m excited by this development. Are you?


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