An Interview With A Budding Celebrity About Dating and Fitness

I recently ran into a friend, Shelly, who told me that she was going to be featured (with a speaking part) in an infomercial for BeachBody Hip Hop Abs airing in January. Since Shelly is Jewish and single I figured it was a good opportunity to find out what she was doing, why, and how it was effecting her dating life. In any case, it might be the only time I get to interview someone who’s going to be featured in a video, so here goes…

Q: How has your dating life been so far?
A: When I moved from Florida, four years ago, I was wide-eyed to meet a smart, handsome, Jewish man. I am looking for my special, good guy. It was a goal-orientated situation…trying to date as many guys as I could to find my one…I was on a mission. I began to get frustrated by all the dates not leading past a second, so I decided to focus more on my company (I own a social media firm) and having fun with friends and family.

Q: Why did you feel you wanted to audition for something like this?
A: I did not think I needed to lose weight. I was happy with my body, but wanted to tone up and get tighter in various spots (tummy and legs) and was concerned, since I am 33 yrs old, about my decreasing metabolism. I needed a workout that would be fun and would really work. Amazingly, in two months I lost a healthy 19 lbs…I can’t believe it. I’ve always been happy, but the toning also lead to losing weight in a very healthy way (1-2 lbs a week). I feel stronger and I have more energy.

Q: How has this effected your attitude towards dating?
A: By getting into the best shape I could, my self-confidence increased and the pressure of going out on so many dates changed…I didn’t need to do that anymore. I’m looking for a quality guy (and I know he is out there) so overall, my attitude about dating was less about a “job” and more about having fun without any pressure. As I was working out I was living in the moment, and I think that oozed into my everyday life….live in the moment.

Q: Has it improved your dating life?
A: It definitely has helped on a personal level. I feel more confident. I even approached a few cute prospects on the beach this summer, who I would normally hesitant to approach on my own. I just feel happier in all aspects of my life. I have a new fitness and nutrition program that I will continue as my new lifestyle. I think my attitude to dating has changed. I have a lot to offer someone special because I am happy and feel good, which I do for myself. I have also gone on dates that are filled with activities…evening stroll in the city, hiking, walking in Central Park, etc….better than just sitting and eating dinner, and It’s more fun to get to know someone this way.

Q: What’s the message that you want to offer to all the Jcoach readers?
A: Live in the moment, and once you start a healthier lifestyle (yes, it will be hard in the beginning), you will get over that hurdle and be inspired to incorporate it into dates and build a relationship that would hopefully lead to a long-term relationship incorporating a healthy lifestyle.

Q: Any more advice?
A: Your health is so important, not just for you but for your loved ones. Working out and eating well is hard work…but SO worth it. It took me basically two weeks to get over the “hump” of working out in the morning and being grumpy about all of the hard effort. Anything in life that is worth it, does take effort. Seriously, after two weeks, the workouts got a bit easier to do and I was seeing results – so motivating – I’m not grumpy about working out anymore…I am craving it!

If you’re interested in asking Shelly questions about her fitness program you can email her at JCoach readers can get 25% off any BeachBody fitness dvd, and shakeology smoothie blends (so it will only cost $4 a DAY!) by using this link:

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