Are You Really Doing Enough To Find Love?

When it comes to finding Mr. or Ms. Right, many singles suddenly turn religious. “God will send me my soulmate.” “When it’s meant to be, it will be.” Prayer and faith should be a part of any soulmate seeker’s arsenal, but should they really be the main weapon of choice?

If you were out of work and looking for a job, I highly doubt that you would be waiting around for the “right job” to fall into your lap. In fact I’ll go out on a limb and assert that you would absolutely be pounding the pavement, speaking with anyone you know, attending every available networking event, and even approaching total strangers to find a job ASAP. You wouldn’t be at ease until you found one. You would spend every possible moment of your time trying to find a job. Have I gotten the point across?

Why should looking for a relationship (for those who claim to really want to be in one) be any less important than looking for a job? Are you investing even half as much effort into finding love as you would into finding work? Simply going about your daily (and nightly) tasks without dedicating real time towards your love search is just not going to cut it.

If you want to find love you must treat your search as if you were searching for a job. Here are some things you’d be doing if you were looking for a job or for clients, which you should be doing in your search for love:

  1. Sites
    You’d be online searching every available job site, right? Well, you should be doing the same with every appropriate dating site. Is that fun? Of course not, but neither is searching for employment. It sucks. But you’ve got to do it.

  2. Resume
    You wouldn’t send a crappy resume out to a potential employer. So why would you post a crappy profile on a dating site and expect to attract someone? That’s right, most online dating profiles are crappy. (I see lots of them.) Please make sure yours isn’t. Download my free e-book (on the side of the page) for some important tips. IT’S FREE!!

  3. Network
    Network, network, network. Online, in person, on the phone, anywhere and anyhow. The more people who know you’re searching, the better the chances are that they might actually be able to help. There’s no reason to be shy or embarrassed. Most people will respect your effort and be happy to help if they can. If you are willing to, you could also contact matchmakers (more about that another time).

  4. Get Out There
    Pick yourself up and get out of the house. Go to parties and events. No, you don’t have to go to every singles event out there. I know many of them are swarming with losers. But you do have to go to some of them. Do some research and find out which ones are worthwhile.

Bottom Line: You must treat finding a relationship as seriously as you would finding a job. Do the work.

Can you think of other things you should be doing in your search for love? Please share in the comments section below.

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