From I to I Do: How to Meet, Date and Marry Your Mr. Right

by Arnie Singer

This 200 page ebook [pdf] will provide you with a clear, easy to follow strategy for:

  • How to find your Mr. Right
  • How to develop a relationship with him
  • How to transition that relationship into commitment (ie. marriage)

No feel good fluff or fantasy. Just honest, straightforward and actionable advice from a man who understands men and can give you the advice and guidance you need now.

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What readers are saying:

“I bought this book through and I’ve found the author’s tips on the whole dating and marriage process to be really helpful. Especially because the author is a guy, it’s nice to get the male perspective. He’s honest and caring and he seems like he really wants his readers to succeed and find their match!”

— Lisa K.

“I wasn’t sure what to think of a book on dating for women written by a married, male, rabbi but when I started reading, it made perfect sense. Almost all the other dating books I read were written by women, most of them single, and here I am still single and trying to understand what the hell is going on in the minds of the guys I’m dating. So, who better to ask than a man who, according to his bio, dated for almost two decades, before getting his act together and marrying. I mean seriously, if you want to know what’s going on in the male mind, you need to ask a man.”

— Doree L.

“The fact that he’s a rabbi put me off a bit because I assumed that his advice would be full of religious do’s and don’ts, but he didn’t mention religion in the book at all. The only thing he says is that he doesn’t “condone sex outside of a committed relationship, preferably marriage” which seems to make sense to me. I’m tired of reading about how to seduce a man or please a man sexually…I already know that stuff and it hasn’t gotten me more than a lot of one night stands or superficial relationships. I want a down to earth, logical strategy to find the right man and marry him. This book gave me that.”

— Shana Z.

“This book doesn’t mess around. It’s full of practical dating advice from – and this is what makes it unique to most other relationship books – a male perspective. Better yet, it doesn’t waste time with a lot of filler or same-old tired tips from magazines, just genuine guidance that you can use from the first date to your first wedding anniversary. As a serial dater looking to get serious, I’m really glad I found this title.”

— Melissa S.

I’ve read lots of dating books that deal with specific aspects of the process, but this one is different: it guides you through the entire process giving you a strategy that you can really follow. It cuts straight to the point without any fluff. Just what I was looking for.

— Rachel S.

Honestly, if you want to know what a man thinks- you need to ask a married one! My girlfriends all communicate among each other about why they can’t get married, and get nowhere… This book’s male author shows what women are doing wrong and how they can get the man they want to pop the question.

— Danielle P.

I love the fact that “From I to I do” is written by a man who clearly respects women and wants to help us find that Mr. Right. It gives us the male perspective we desperately need. And he’s married, so he knows how to go from dating to marriage. I’m going to refer to this book a lot!

— Caroline T.

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