Dating Advice: 6 Tips to Land Your Dream Girl

When it comes to self confidence, it’s no secret that men are often intimidated by beautiful women. The truth is that women are constantly disappointed by the behavior of the so called debonair playboys that think they’re hot stuff. This is good news for the underdog. If played right they can come in and win over of a woman that seems way out of their league. Looks and money are two attributes that on the surface will perhaps peak a woman’s interest, but if he doesn’t behave right it gets old fast.

Most of my girlfriends who are confident, beautiful, and know they have a lot to offer don’t fall for the guys who have washboard abs and spend 3 hours a day at the gym. On contrary, these women know they can have whoever they want and therefore are not impressed or interested in anyone who is too fixated on his appearance. A vain guy is actually a total turn off for these women. The same goes for a guy that thinks he’s a big shot because he runs a hedge fund and has been lucky for a while. Money comes and money goes, but in the end every woman wants a mensch.

Having said that, there needs to be some attraction, so we need to get you looking good enough to get your dream girl to accept a first date. So here are 3 appearance tips for dating a woman way out of your league:

1. Always appear confident: Don’t act like you think she’s above you. Very attractive women can often be the most insecure.

2. Spruce up your wardrobe: If you don’t have great looks or a big bank account you at least need to pull it together with good style.

3. Stay fit: If you weren’t blessed with nice features or a great head of hair, then make sure to be in shape…

If you have gotten as far as a few dates it’s now time to stand out. Take this opportunity to step it up over the lazy players who think they don’t have to do much other then pay for nice dinners and tell her how pretty she is.

Here are my top 3 suggestions to get you to be a winning contender:

1. Call- Don’t hide behind text: If you like her, call between dates. There is nothing more immature and annoying then a man who does not know how to use the phone. Flirty texts are fine in addition to phone calls, but they are not meant to be a substitution. She will be impressed that you care enough to know how her day was.

2. Compliment her for things other than appearance: Many women are told they are beautiful all day long. It’s nice to hear that they look good, but they also want to know your connection is deeper than just the physical.

3. Listen and be encouraging: Women are passionate and like to share their dreams and aspirations. Give positive feedback and encourage her to pursue what makes her happy. This will make her feel like you are on her team and you’ll be the one she runs to share her updates with.

If you keep it up, it’s likely she will start blowing off all the text messages she once settled for from the other guys and now look forward to your phone calls before bed.

Good luck!

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  1. Alexa
    Alexa says:

    SPOT ON GIRLFRIEND!!! I hope some fine mensches get the courage to step up to the plate in the city.
    Nothing sexier than a brainy love struck gentleman.


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