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3 Reasons Why Now’s a Good Time for Dating and Relationship Building?

I guess pretty much any time can be right for dating and relationship building, but still, some times are just better than others. And this time of year, the final weeks of summer, might just be that perfect time.

1. Vacation Mode

Even if you don’t have kids back from camp and enjoying their final fling before school starts (which means you’ll be taking vacation now), this is the time of year when you can smell vacation in the air. With the summer season officially ending on Labor Day, this is the last hurrah for most summer lovers. All this means is that people might be in a better mood, a bit more open to experiencing a new adventure…or relationship.

Excitement and daring is in the atmosphere, which is perfect for trying to ignite that romantic relationship you’ve been dreaming about. So get out and head to anywhere you think you might run into the singles you’re seeking. It could be Central Park, your local street fair, or that Hampton’s share (if you’re into that). Love is in the air!

2. Goodbye Summer

As summer ebbs away, people who weren’t successful at finding that special relationship might be getting a bit more “motivated” to leave the summer with at least the potential for love. So you might find them more open to new dating ideas, including you. Nobody wants to sit in front of a cozy fire in October, alone. I assume you don’t either, so maybe now’s a good time for you to expand your dating horizons too. Review those lofty expectations and see if you can’t manage them down to size.

3. Holidays Are Coming

Yes, the Jewish High Holidays are just two weeks away. It’s a time for introspection and self evaluation. Many of you will be with family. Put all that together and what you get is a really tough time to be single, if your objective is to be in a relationship.

But there are still two weeks during which time you might meet someone and have a good date or two which will give you that spark of hope to carry you through the Days of Awe. Just knowing that you might be at the beginning of a relationship (even if you did only go out on one or two dates) can do wonders for your mood. That means you need to be super focused and motivated NOW.

‘Tis the season to start a relationship. Take advantage of these final weeks of summer to make it happen. And try to have some fun along the way!

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