Don’t Let New Year’s Eve Ruin Your New Year

2013New Year’s Eve is probably the most popular party night of the year. With that reputation comes a huge amount of pressure, much of it created in Hollywood, to kiss someone special (or something like that) as the clock strikes 12:00 ushering in a brand new year. As the “sacred” night approaches online dating activity surges as people who don’t have a date for the big party frantically search for one. How can you be alone on New Year’s Eve?

I don’t mean literally alone. Most people go to parties, hang out with friends, or brave subfreezing temperatures to witness the dropping of the ball. But despite having all those people around, if you don’t have that special someone at your side at the New Year, it just feels like you’ve failed. Right? New Year’s Eve is the cause of so much frustration, sadness and depression for so many singles who just haven’t yet found the “right one” to share that midnight moment with. It’s a shame because all it is is one day out of an entire year.

Despite all the hype and high expectations December 31 is just a day no different than any other day on the calendar, unless you make it something more. So what if you don’t have a date for New Year’s Eve or if you don’t have that someone special to ring in the New Year with? When you do finally meet the right one, it really won’t matter what day it is. So you might have to miss this year’s midnight kiss, but you’ll make it up next year with someone you love.

Don’t let your happiness be controlled by a date on the calendar. Don’t let the media make you feel sad because you haven’t yet met the person you want to share special moments with. If you don’t have a romantic partner to spend this New Year’s Eve with, so what? Spend the night with friends or meeting new people or watching the ball drop on TV or, heaven forbid, just take a hot bath and get a good night’s sleep. It’s only one night. There are 364 others to enjoy. Don’t let New Year’s Eve ruin your new year. Stay positive and focus on finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life. Let that be your New Year’s resolution.

Happy New Year!

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