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To help our users get the most out of online dating, we decided to get advice from the experts: professional matchmakers and dating coaches. We asked them 8 questions that we hope will give you some guidance in preparing an awesome online profile and succeeding in finding love online.

Our experts today are Kelli Fisher & Tana Gilmore, the founders of Fisher Gilmore Matchmaking, an exclusive Charlotte, NC based matchmaking agency.

Kelli and Tana’s answers follow each question.

1. What are the first 3 questions men ask about potential dating partners?
How does she look?
Is she physically fit?
Does she have any children?

2. What are the first 3 questions women ask about potential dating partners?
How tall is he?
What is his occupation?
Why is he single?

3. What part of an online profile do you think is the most important for men? Women?
Men are so visual, so the photos are key. It is important for women to display a variety of photos to display their personality and hobbies.
Women like photos too but will often go beyond them and be captivated by a man’s style of writing; whether it’s funny, intelligent, or creative. If they’re interested, women will read every word of your bio so make sure it’s thorough and intriguing. Be careful with spelling mistakes though because that is not attractive.

4. Is it ok for women to message men first?
Yes! Most men we work with can appreciate an assertive woman as long as she is not overbearing. Short and sweet, not too wordy, and keep it fun!

5. What are some big mistakes men make on their online profiles?
Sending generic posts that are cut, pasted, and sent to every person of interest rather than a personalized note. That’s a turn-off and makes one appear to be a serial dater and not interested in a meaningful relationship.

6. What are some big mistakes women make on their online profiles?
Saying way too much too soon. Men don’t need to hear excuses as to why you’re single and all the bad relationships you’ve had. This is a completely new person women, wipe the slate clean and give the man a chance!

7. Would you share an online dating success story you’ve been involved in?
True personalized matchmaking is more than just random introductions. We first have to restore confidence, rebuild trust, or renew hope. Although all of our clients are extremely successful professionals, we enjoy seeing many of them approach the dating scene from a different perspective and many are still in committed relationships today.

8. What’s one piece of advice you’d share with all those looking for love online?
Have fun! The more you pressure yourself to find “the perfect one” the more stressful the process can be and that stress illuminates. Enjoy the process, the experiences, and most of all the new people you’ve met. Every day you’re one step closer to meeting your optimal match.

Thanks ladies for your super helpful insights and advice!

You can contact the ladies at Fisher Gilmore Matchmaking here.

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