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Is He Out of My League?

A lot of words have been written about men trying to date women they consider to be out of their league. Well what about a woman who wants to date a man she feels is out of her league? Should you even try?

Before we get to my answer, let’s really understand the question. What does “out of your league” really mean? Is there a secret book of rules and regulations that dictates a strict caste-like system of dating hierarchies in which you can only date men who belong to a specific level of membership? Most people create their own list of requirements to follow, which is their choice, but there are no standardized requirements I know of that define what league you’re playing in and who you can and cannot play with. Whether someone is or is not “in your league” is a barrier that you create in your mind that prevents you from taking chances and protects you from potential rejection.

I’m not going to tell you that every man will want to date you. You already know that. But just because a man fits a certain stereotype of someone who doesn’t date women like yourself, doesn’t mean he actually is that man. For example, just because a man is incredibly handsome doesn’t mean he won’t date a woman who isn’t as good looking as he is. Sure, that might be the case, but I’ve seen plenty of cases where it wasn’t. The only way you’ll find out is if you give it a shot and go for it. Let him know you’re interested and see what happens.

If you decide to take a chance and make the first move with a man you consider to be “out of your league” there’s one thing you must do to have a shot at success: Be Confident. Confidence radiates and makes you shine. It transforms average looking women (and men) into super attractive and desirable dating partners. A confident lady sends out signals that draw a man to her. Without confidence you might as well stay home and watch TV, because you won’t able to catch much more than a bad cold, definitely not the kind of man you want to date.

Warning: I’m not telling you that if you radiate confidence you will get the man whom you consider to be “out of your league”. But without it, you definitely don’t have a prayer.

So is he out of your league? No such thing.

Should you give it a shot and go for it? Yes, but only if you show confidence in yourself.

Will he say yes? Maybe. Go ahead and try. You’ve got nothing to lose except for a bruised ego. Are you gonna let that stop you?

What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree? Disagree? Please share in the comments section below.

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