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WARNING: This Will Not Make You Feel Good

I like to think of my posts and advice as strong medicine that tastes awful but helps you get better. While I try really hard to be sensitive and never vindictive, I try even harder to be as clear and direct as possible when analyzing issues that I feel have a negative impact on your dating and relationship success.

I do that for one reason, and one reason alone: to force you to stop, think and reevaluate your current behavior or way of thinking. If my advice then helps you make adjustments that ultimately lead to positive results, I’ve done my duty.

Of course you’re free to ignore my advice if you feel it either doesn’t apply to you (no advice will ever apply to everyone) or is flat out wrong (yes, I am wrong at times, and that’s ok too).

Some of you will have trouble reading the truth and will seek sweeter tasting advice — and there’s plenty of stuff out there to choose from. Others will yell and scream and call me a liar, denying their reality ’till the bitter end. That’s all fine with me.

But if you’re looking to hear practical dating and relationship advice from a man who lived and dated on the Upper West Side for a decade and a half, went to all the weekends and events, had relationships (and broke them off), and finally got his act together and is now a happily married husband and father of 3, then you need to don your armor or bullet proof vest and swallow the medicine I’m dispensing.

For example, I write about weekends because I personally attended dozens of them and hyper-analyzed every minute of them (just like you all have done). Now that I’m not personally involved anymore as a single, I can step back and look at it from a purely objective point of view. You won’t get that kind of analysis anywhere else, especially not in the Jewish world.

I truly believe that in order to make positive changes and improvements you must often first hit a brick way, get smacked in the face or get a big bucket of ice poured over your head (no, this isn’t a challenge) to snap you into a reality that you’ve either been blind to or have been consciously avoiding. I am that wall, slap and bucket.

So here’s our deal, if you choose to read my advice:

I will be totally honest and share with you the lessons and insights I’ve gained from my personal experience and the experiences of hundreds of other singles I’ve interacted with — even if it doesn’t taste so yummy.

You will read my advice and take it as coming from a mentor who wants to help you be in the right relationship that will lead to marriage ASAP — even if it doesn’t taste so yummy.

Have you tried yet? You won’t know the Kippah style or fabric, but you will know that you’re looking at a real person who’s Jewish and single — that’s because I review and approve every profile.

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