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Attention Ladies: Go North or South for Greener Dating Pastures

Single ladies of all ages in NYC are always complaining about how hard it is to find a nice, normal, gainfully employed, single Jewish man who is serious about dating and relationships. And the competition for these guys is fierce. We’ll I might have a potential solution to your dilemma.

A friend of mine has been dating a guy who lives in Boston. I think he’s a scientist or something smart like that, which explains why he’s located in the academic capital of the country. According to my friend, there are a lot more where he came from. In fact, the ratio of Jewish men to women in the brainy post doctoral world of Boston is huge. Does five men for every woman sound good to you? Granted you need to be in your twenties or early thirties to play the game, but if you are the odds are in your favor, big time.

From what I hear, the situation in Washington, DC is similar in many respects. There are a huge number of single Jewish men working in law, politics, government, or other productive endeavors, and only about a fifth as many single Jewish women. And these men might even be a bit older than their Boston brothers.

To make the odds even sweeter, the men in these places already know the women there and have passed on them. In any case it’s always nice to be the new and exotic girl in town. And don’t forget that NYC ladies bring with them a certain metro-savvyness that might be quite appealing to the hungry-for-love boys. Your chances of success are boosted tenfold.

What’s even better is that the men in these “out of town” locations are, to put it mildly, lonely. They don’t have the luxury of seeing 300 attractive woman at a kiddush or in Central Part every Shabbat. Most of them are serious about being in a relationship and hopefully settling down. They don’t have too many options, which is perfect for you. Finally, you’re in the driver seat.

So now I get to hear all of your excuses. And you get to hear my responses.

1. The guys are nerds.
Have you looked in the mirror lately? Are you really that cool? Ha! If you’re looking for a husband you should be so lucky to get a guy who might initially come across as a “nerd” to your stuck-up NY friends, but who’ll treat you like a princess and be as loyal as the puppy dog you never had the chance to adopt. Or would you rather be run over and dumped by a cooler guy?

2. It’s too far.
From what? Your frustratingly lonely single life in NY? Seriously?

3. I don’t know how to meet these guys.
Get off your lazy tuches and get to work. Find out if there are any events in these places where the guys show up and make sure you’re there looking hot. You will get dates. Start mining your rolodex (or friends list) to make appropriate contacts with people who either live in these places or who can help direct you to the right people. Do your research. Do the work. If you still can’t figure how to do this, get my book. I make it very clear.

In NY the guys, for the most part, call the shots. In Boston and DC, the odds are in your favor.

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3 replies
  1. Treifalicious
    Treifalicious says:

    What if your job, friends, family and whole life are in the NYC area? Should I give up everything else in life and move to a city I don’t otherwise want to live in just for the *possibility* of meeting a guy?

    • Arnie Singer
      Arnie Singer says:

      There are lots of factors to take into consideration, so it’s not a simple answer. You might be able to reap the benefits of the new place without actually living there. And no, I would just move for the “possibility” of meeting a guy unless I had some sort of plan of action to help make things happen. I’ve got experience in the matter :) Email me via the contact page for more details.

  2. LA
    LA says:

    Don’t forget online dating! I know a ton of inter-city happily ever after stories that have come from all varieties and denominations of Jewish dating websites :)


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