Make Sure Your Online Dating Photos Are of You Alone

If you’re looking to attract potential male dating partners online, you need to make sure that your online dating photos are of you, and nobody else but you. Single guys are likely to pass on a photo of you with some guy with his arm around your waist (not your grandfather) or other compromising poses that include you and another man (use your imagination). It doesn’t matter how innocent the situation was and who the other man actually was (i.e. your brother, gay, best friend’s husband). The only thing your potential date is seeing is you with another man, and that spells trouble to someone looking to start a relationship with a single woman.

When I tell you to be alone in your online dating photo, I don’t just mean no male costars. You shouldn’t have any other women in your online dating photo either, especially if they are good looking. The reasons are simple:

1. The guy might not know which one of the ladies is you. That could lead to a major misunderstanding.

2. The guy might be interested in your attractive friend.

Neither of these scenarios works in your favor. Just make sure your online dating photo is of you and you alone.

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