Passover Detox Recipes and Ideas

During the holiday of Passover, as Jews we are commanded to avoid eating chametz and switch to foods made from matzah. If we think about the meaning of eating unleavened bread, it really symbolizes modesty. But in this attempt to overcome temptation and humble ourselves, why do most people overindulge in eating during these 8 days? In a way it seems like the opposite of what we are trying to accomplish spiritually.

After tossing all the cakes, cookies, pastas, cereals, and basically everything with white flour and loaded with sugar, your kitchen will be in pretty good shape. Instead of restocking with new items made from matzah or artificial ingredients, an even healthier idea would be to ditch the starch and fill up your fridge with fruit and vegetables.

Here are some Pesach approved meals that will keep you satisfied as well as a few pounds thinner:

Low-fat yogurt with organic berries and almonds, Low fat cottage cheese with melon and walnuts, or an omelet with spinach and mushrooms

Turkey, cucumber, tomato, and avocado sandwich in raw cabbage leaves. (Instead of using bread, the cabbage has a firm consistency and is great for stuffing with food). Another option is grilled chicken salad loaded with a variety of vegetables. If you are craving starch, add ½ of sweet potato or a small serving of butternut squash.

Grilled salmon with cauliflower and brussel sprouts drizzled in olive oil, or tilapia with roasted tomato and eggplant.

Instead of eating macaroons or chocolate covered matzah, try out a baked apple with crushed walnuts, non fat yogurt with a tbsp of honey, or a serving of berries.

Preparation is needed during Passover time when it comes to finding healthy kosher snacks. Some of the easiest snacks to grab at home or on the go are hard boiled eggs, mixed raw nuts, and fresh fruit.

Even though it’s tempting, try not to get sucked into buying every new kosher for Passover product at the supermarket. Rather, take this time to practice some restriction and eat simply. After all, this is the best time to break free from our addictions…

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