When a Man Decides That He Wants to Get Married, He Does

You heard right. I firmly believe this to be a truth: when a…
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If You Want to Stay Single, Beware of This

It should be clear from my writing that I'm extremely pro marriage.…
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How Single Jewish Men Can Hit the Jackpot or Fade Away

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Attention Ladies: Go North or South for Greener Dating Pastures

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New Rules of Finance for Relationships Apply to Men and Women

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What Went Wrong This Weekend? – Women’s Edition

In What Went Wrong This Weekend? Men's Edition I listed a few…
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What Went Wrong This Weekend? – Men’s Edition

Labor Day weekend, and with it the hopes of summer romance, is…
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When Marriage is an Option, It’s a Hard Choice to Make

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If There’s No One Here for You to Date, Why Are You Still Here?

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Are Jewish Guys Really All Talk and No Action?

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How Father’s Day Got Me Married, and Can Do the Same for You

There used to be a lot of very good reasons for getting married.…
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3 Things You Should Know About Men When Dating Online

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