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This is More Effective than Hiring a Dating Coach. [Hint: it’s also much cheaper]

Dating coaches are not all created equal, and some are obviously better than others. But there are a few things that most dating coaches have in common.

1. They charge by the session.
Some of them offer session bundles, but the session is still the primary unit of measurement that determines how much cash you’ll need to hand over for the service. One of the problems with charging by the session is that the more sessions you have, the more money the coach makes. So your dating coach benefits the longer you stick around. Will that influence how quickly your dating coach will try to address your issues or solve your problems? Hmm.

Now hang on. I’m not saying that a professional dating coach would knowingly draw out the process to keep you coming back for more sessions…well, I might be saying that. The way the system is structured, there’s no incentive for finishing quicker because the quicker you finish, the less money you’ll make. If it’s anything like therapy, forget about it! You could be coming back for years!

This leads right in to point number 2.

2. Back story takes time.
In order to help you a dating coach needs to know your history — at least some of it. Depending on the length and complexity of your bio and your dating and relationship history, communicating it will take time. It could take as long as one or two entire sessions for you to provide your dating coach with all of that information. And guess who pays for the privilege to talk about themselves: YOU. So you could be down a few hundred bucks before even getting started on finding solutions.

Speaking of time…

3. Coaching sessions are confined to a specific time.
Let’s say your session is at 3pm and lasts for one hour. Then at 11:30pm, when your laying in bed wide awake reviewing your last relationship in slow motion [painful], you come up with a few insights or questions that you desperately need addressed. Well, I guess that means you’ll be paying for another session. And this doesn’t just happen once. It happens all the time!

This dating coaching by the session system might work for some of you who need face to face interaction and are willing to continue coming to (and paying big bucks for) more session.

But for those of you who don’t want to be confined by the time and scheduling constraints of traditional coaching sessions and who would rather get their specific questions answered instead of wasting a ton of time “exploring”, there is a better way.

A better way.

What if I told you that you could have unlimited communication with your dating coach for significantly less than the cost of a single traditional coaching session?

Well, that’s exactly the kind of coaching platform that I’ve created on datingcoachsos.com

Here’s how it works:

All communication with your dating coach is done via email. You purchase a package of time, either 2 days, a week or a month — and you get unlimited communication with your coach for that time period. That means you can theoretically send hundreds of emails.

I say theoretically because the reality is that almost all of my clients on datingcoachsos.com have only needed to write 2 or 3 emails before getting the solutions and the clarity they were seeking.

There are a few reasons for this:

1. Most clients write their entire dating and relationship history in the initial email (which is what I ask them to do). Having that information upfront allows me to focus in on their specific issues and either answer their questions directly or ask them targeted follow up questions.

2. Whereas traditional dating coaches make more money the longer you continue seeing them, the datingcoachsos system is set up to incentivize your dating coach (me) to help you as quickly as possible. The quicker I solve your issues and answer your questions, the more time I have to help other clients. So we’re both on the same team. You want your clarity and peace of mind as quickly as possible. So do I.

3. Most people can express themselves more succinctly in writing than they can via verbal communication. There’s also much less stigma and embarrassment when writing. Just imagine having to look someone (a stranger) in the eye and tell them about your intimate relationship details. Not very fun. Now imagine just having to write it? Which do you think is less stressful and more honest?

Clients that use datingcoachsos save a ton of money and get answers and clarity super quickly, without the hassles of scheduling and attending session. And it obviously doesn’t matter where in the world you are.

4. Clients that use datingcoachsos have specific issues and question that they need answered asap. They don’t want to spend time exploring — they want answers and clarity now. That’s exactly what I give the.

But wait.

I’ll admit that some people just can’t express themselves in writing and need that face to face interaction with their dating coach. If that’s your case, then maybe datingcoachsos isn’t for you. Or you might just not be sure if email based coaching will work for you.

Not to worry.

Datingcoachsos offers a 100% money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the coaching you get. Have you ever heard of a traditional dating coach with a money back guarantee? Of course not.

But if you aren’t totally satisfied with the coaching you get on datingcoachsos, you get your money back. Period. So you’ve got nothing to lose by giving it a try.

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