Use What You’ve Got to Attract Your Love

Attracting potential soulmates is tough. Let’s face it, lots of big city singles are looking for models and super studs. So, how’s a nice, normal guy or gal supposed to compete? Well, you probably can’t, and shouldn’t. What I mean is if your object of attraction has their radar set solely on snaggingattract your love a super model, they’re probably not ready to commit to a serious soulmate relationship, so you probably shouldn’t waste your time on them. But you still do need to compete out there against all the other nice, normal soulmate seekers. The secret of your success is simple: use what you got to attract your love.

Everyone’s got something they can use as bait to attract their prey. Figure out what your thing is, and then choose the perfect environment to make it work for you. If you’re a master at engaging your prospect in stimulating conversation, don’t try it in a venue where the music is blaring. Instead, try a cocktail or wine tasting party. On the flip side, if you don’t possess a silver tongue, but you look real good, a dance club or party might be the perfect place for you to thrive. If you’re a sports junkie, a big screen game viewing event is probably your jackpot. If you’re an art buff, you’ll probably do well at art exhibitions, or any place you can see stuff hanging on walls and make intelligent remarks about them. I think you get the picture. Identify your “edge”, and use it to your advantage.

Now what if you feel that you are exploiting your particular talent, but you still aren’t meeting the right potentials? For example, you might be an incredible dancer, but the dance clubs are not presenting you with the right soulmate material. Look within yourself and discover your other talents. You have more than one talent. You just need the confidence to recognize and use it. Try it…you might surprise yourself.

What about looks? We’ll deal with that next time.

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