Make Sure All Your Online Photos Make You Look Great

If you’re planning on getting blind dates, keep in mind that guys are going to check out any and all online photos of you before agreeing to go out. I’m not just referring to your online dating profile photos. I’m talking about every photo you’ve got on Facebook and any other photo sharing site out there. I’m sure most of your photos are great, but the few that are not too flattering are the ones you need to worry about. All it takes is one bad photo to make a guy think twice about meeting you blind.

Women sometimes ask me if I can figure out why they’re not getting set up as much as they think they should be. So I make believe that I’m the guy on the other end of the set up proposal, put on my detective cap, and start wading through her Facebook photos. They seem fine…oops, there’s one of her with a bunch of friends in a baggy sweatshirt that makes her look about 30 pounds heavier and several pounds bigger than she actually is. Red flag. Getting rid of that one photo can drastically enhance your dating prospects.

Go through all of your online photos. Then go through all of the photos of you that your friends have posted. Get rid of, or untag, the ones you’re not 100% thrilled with. You should only be displaying photos that make you look great.

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