One Thing You Can Do To Become a Better Dater

Dating is a process of discovery that culminates either in marriage or break off. While you can’t control the outcome of the dating process (unless you’re the one breaking it off), you have a great deal of control over the process itself.

You have the power to orchestrate a great date, although the person you’re with can make that extremely difficult — sometimes even impossible.

The venue and setting of your date definitely plays a role in its success. But the main, and most important, element in a first or early stage date is the conversation.

There’s almost nothing more awkward and uncomfortable than sitting across from a date listening to crickets, while struggling to come up with something to break through the painful wall of silence. There are some people who are so skilled in the art of conversation that they can strike one up with anyone, about anything, on demand. For the other 98% of us, it doesn’t come easy. It takes work.

Here’s the good news: With a bit of planning, thought and preparation, you can drive those crickets away for good and fill your dating sloth with the sound of two people making conversation.

It’s simple. Before your date, make a list of a few topics you can discuss that you find interesting and can string some intelligent sentences together about. You can also jot down some interesting questions to ask, which could lead to more discussion.

Sounds too contrived? Maybe, but wouldn’t you do the same before a job interview? Don’t professional interviewers or talk show hosts prepare?

There’s nothing wrong with preparing for an event that you care about, which is what every date should ideally be. You want to shine? Then make sure you come into that date prepared to perform at your best.

No dead air on your date.

Let’s go!

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