Ladies, Just When You Thought It Couldn’t Get Worse.

This is going out to all the Jewish ladies out there who are beating their brains in trying to figure out what they have to do to catch a nice Jewish boy and drag him to the Chuppah. I’m sorry to say, I’ve got some bad news. You’ve got something else to worry about now besides looking great and shaving some years off of your online profile. According to this article in the NY Times, your potential mentch of a soulmate might be snagged by an Asian woman. Of course, you already knew that Jews were crazy about good chinese food (especially on Christmas day), but you didn’t think the nice Jewish boys you went to school with would take their appetite for Asian to such an extreme!

This NY Times article shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone living in the NYC area, where it’s quite common to see Jewish boys walking hand in hand with pretty (or even not so pretty) Asian gals. I even remember a guy who lived on the UWS many moons ago, black hat and all, who suddenly disappeared only to be spotted (by yours truly) holding hands (no more hat) with a lovely young lady of Asian decent. I don’t know what ever happened to him, but it just goes to show that even religious boys can fall to the Asian persuasion.

Before I continue, I just need to be clear for the benefit of my non Jewish readers: I am absolutely 100% opposed to intermarriage between Jews and non Jews, period. I wouldn’t be much of a rabbi if I wasn’t. But I think it’s important to try and figure out why so many Jewish boys are attracted to Asian woman. After much analysis and research, here’s what I think: I don’t know.

Yes, I can come up with some possible reasons based on generalizations and stereotypes, but that would just be plain wrong, maybe even racist. So I’ll open the discussion up to you…why do you think this is happening?

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