6 Reasons She Gave You Her Number But Won’t Date You

In my last post I gave 5 reasons why he took your number but didn’t call, so just to be fair to the guys I thought it was only right to explore “why she gave you her number but won’t date you”.

Yes, believe it or not, those angelic beings known as women do sometimes turn into little devils and give guys their phone numbers without ever actually going out with them.

In can play out in a couple of different ways. She can either give you a fake number (she would never do that ;)), never return your call, or tell you she’s busy indefinitely when you call. It really doesn’t matter which way she chooses because the end result is the same: she led you to believe that she was interested in dating you and now she’s not.

Why would a fine young lady act so treacherously?

Here are some possibilities:

1. Niceness
She’s too darn nice to reject a guy to his face. It’s much easier to just play along and then ignore. To heck with his feelings!

2. Awkwardness
You’ve created such an intensely awkward situation that she’d rather stick a bread stick in her eye than say no to your face and potentially subject herself to even more embarrassment. If you’re a guy and don’t understand what I’m saying then you’re probably the kind of clueless jerky shlimazel that I’m referring to. Ask a friend (or therapist) to explain.

3. Roommate
She thought you were such a nice guy that you’d be perfect for her roommate, who isn’t on the cheerleading squad. I guess that’s a compliment, right?

4. Interference
You were right there at the one yard line but then an opposing player grabbed the ball and ran down the field for the touchdown. In other words, she either started dating someone else who she likes or that good ole doctor who she’s been pining over for the last 4 years just broke up with his girlfriend and needs a diversion before embarking on his next relationship. In any case, you lose. Tough break.

5. Research
Between giving you her number and getting your call she did some research about you and discovered that you’ve got quite a reputation with the ladies — not good. She heard that you consider a one night stand to be a long term relationship. Or maybe that you already dated three of her friends and left them with not so great memories. Yes, reputation does matter and word does get around, faster than you can imagine.

6. Prerogative
Ever hear of “a woman’s prerogative?” It’s to change her mind. Pretty simple. She changed her mind. She thought she might want to date you when she gave you her number in that dark club after her third tequila shot, but she changed her mind. Does it really matter why?

Shake the dust off of your ego and move on brother!

If you’ve got additional reasons or remarks, please express them in the comments!

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