Reader Response: Money Isn’t Everything When Dating a Guy

Here’s a letter I received from a reader with some insight about what women look for in the guys they date.

Hi Rabbi Arnie,

Just read your article on 5 good reasons guys get rejected. Great stuff.

I met a guy right before Pesach I thought was a match made in heaven… he was a cute doctor from long island, kosher-lite, funny, had all his hair. The dude’s speciality was emergency medicine, and he had even done a fellowship as the MD attached to a swat team in Chicago; best of both worlds.

I went out with him three times, and we talked everyday. Eventually the guy told me that he choose trauma med because he loved that it was shift work and he didn’t like having to deal with patients for more than 20 mins! He is so negative about his work that it has become a number 1 turnoff. He sounds like I did back when I had a math requirement in college, except its every day of his life! In fact the guy has fixed his schedule so that he only has to work 11 overnights a month and is free the rest of his time.

Homeboy makes bank, like well over $200,000 and I am about to ditch him for no good reason except that he lacks any ambition or idealism. So I think that while money is DEF a factor for a lot of women, it’s not the only factor when dealing with men and their careers. Or maybe I am just a weirdo? :)

Keep up the good work,

So I guess how much money a guy makes isn’t everything for women looking for serious relationships and marriage. What do you think??

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