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What Went Wrong This Weekend? – Men’s Edition

Labor Day weekend, and with it the hopes of summer romance, is over. Many of you spent the big finale at singles’ weekends hope to end the season off with a sudden death goal, or at least the budding signs of a potential relationship.

I’m sure there will be some dates coming out of these weekends (which I’m sure were fun for all), and maybe even a nascent romance or two, but nowhere near the volume you’d expect based on the sheer numbers of relationship seekers who participated in these events.

So what went wrong? I’ll address this post to the men, and deal with the ladies in the next one.

Here’s why men won’t be going out on a date with anyone they met over Labor Day:

1. Not Interested

There were a good number of men who felt that they just didn’t meet anyone worthy of their courtship. The women they met just didn’t stack up to their dating requirements. They weren’t thin enough, (or maybe they were too thin?). They were dressed to the nines, which must mean they’re high maintenance. They were too “earthy” (too low maintenance?). They were attractive, but just not like what you see on the runways at Fashion Week. They were fun to hang out with and maybe catch a movie with on a lonely night, but not pretty enough to actually date. So these guys, considered “good catches” by many, had a fun weekend but are eager to get back to their mission of finding that elusive unicorn of a religious Jewish swimsuit model who wears skirts, fools around, and will cover her hair. Best of luck to you.

2. Not Serious

I recently wrote about how marriage today is just one option of many. Well these guys haven’t chosen that option yet. They’re just not ready to be in a serious relationship that will lead to marriage. It doesn’t matter how old or financially secure they are. They’re just not interested in getting married (even if they say they are). Single life is too darn fun (Check out 5 Reasons Why Men Stay Single), at least some of the time. So was the weekend. Now it’s time to find more fun until the next weekend. What about the girls who they “hung out” with? No honey, you didn’t do anything wrong. Next!

3. Wrong Target, Again

These guys did make a big effort to get a date. Unfortunately for them, they were targeting the wrong woman. They probably didn’t read my post about pursuing someone who isn’t interested, which is exactly what they did. So they wasted another weekend and passed up opportunities to meet women who would date them. They came out of the weekend empty handed and disappointed :(. But have they given up hope? Of course not…never! Wait until next time. They’ll break down eventually, right?

4. Don’t Get It

These guys can’t understand why the ladies aren’t fighting for their attention. They try their best. But they obviously haven’t read, 5 Good Reasons Women Reject Men When Dating. They are sending out signals that say “WARNING, KEEP OUT” but they just haven’t figured that out yet, and no one has taken the responsibility to enlighten them. Or maybe they just don’t care. In any case, they remain dateless.

5. Clueless

I won’t bother addressing the totally clueless weirdo psycho stalker types. You know who they are. Unfortunately, they don’t.


Before totally trashing the single male species, the truth must be told. There are some guys out there who really did try their best and simply came up short. Maybe they’re just in the wrong place to find the type of woman they’re looking for. Maybe the girls they tried so hard to “catch” weren’t interested for their own personal reasons. Maybe, maybe maybe…

Talk amongst yourselves… and stay tuned for some things the ladies might have done to contribute to this dateless situation.

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